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Hi, I am Dan. For over 20 years I worked at Emtron with Rudi Breznik, building and testing linear amplifiers. I have worked on 1000 amplifiers. If you own a DX-1, 2, 3, 4, chances are that I have tested and adjusted and partially built your amplifier, years ago.
Sadly, Rudi has retired and Emtron is no longer active. I am building and selling a range of Radio / Antenna switches, using Emtron as a brand name. These are current products, but they have nothing to do with Rudi or the old Emtron. If you buy one of my antenna switches, the invoice will come from ADD OMMUNICATIONS, which is my business name.


I am happy to provide a reasonable amount of free advice to all owners of Emtron amplifiers. This would be mainly by email, with the occasional phone call. If you are skillful in High Voltage, High Power RF circuits (or if you have a friend who is and can help you), I can guide you in fixing your own amplifier.

Please use the contact form to send me a message and I will answer to your email address. Please write in Subject: DX-? amplifier. I do not read messages unless they refer to my antenna switches or Emtron amplifiers.


Unfortunately, these are not free

A limited quantity of Emtron parts is available for:

Emtron Linear Amplifiers (no longer in production) like: DX-1, DX-1a, DX-1d, DX-1SP, DX-1V, DX-2, DX-2a, DX-2SP, DX-2V, DX-3, DX3SP, DX-4

Emtron Tuners: EAT-300A, EAT-1000A

These parts fall into 3 categories:

A. Unavailable

For example: Band Switches, Variable Air Capacitors, Tubes etc. I do not have stock of these, but in some cases I should be able to tell you where to buy them from.

B. Limited stock

I have limited quantities of some items. When they go, they are gone.

C. Current (more or less)

These are parts that I can re-order or make myself, mainly electronic modules.

1. Control Board. 

I’m considering running a small (last ever) batch. This would be based on the last version (AMPC5.3) with some minor improvements. Compatible with all Emtron amplifiers, DX-1 to DX-4 (except the first about 10 very early DX-2).

I’m seeking expressions of interest, so that I can decide on a quantity and work out the price.
If you are interested, please use the Contact form and write “Control Board” in the subject. Obligation free. Thanks.

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2. Display Board.

Stock: 2, I can build more
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3. Output Board for DX-2SP, DX-3SP
(Dual Input/Output models)
4. Soft start.

I have stock and I can build more

  •  Soft Start Board – earlier model
  •  Soft Start Board – late model
  •  TRIAC for soft start
  •  Soft start plus Triac, wired



    5. High Voltage Power module

     I have some stock and I can build more – limited quantity!

    6. Glitch resistor module for HV module


    7. Socket Board for GU74 and GU 84 tube
    8. QSK Module with Vacuum Relay

    9. Blower for DX-1, DX-2, DX-3 

    10. Blower, DX-4

    11. Plate Choke

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This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is IMG_1569-1024x768.jpg

 Plate choke, 1″ OD, 6″ long, please check your amplifier if it suits, or get the ceramic cylinder only (1″ diameter x 6″)


12. Screen regulator Protection Board

  •  Ceramic rotary switch used as Function switch in some tuners

Two types of chimney, both suitable for the Chinese FU728 tube:

  • Left: the original Chinese supplied chimney
  •  Right: a slimmer version, ID 88 mm (suits FU728), OD 108 mm (wall 10 mm thick), height 60 mm

Ceramic switch 2 x 5 positions: ceramic disk 40 mm, overall diameter 55 mm, 6 mm shaft

To order or ask for more information, please use the form in the “Contact Us” tag