ED-4 accepts 3 types of control signals:

    • BCD – Yaesu type or equivalent
    • Voltage control (0 – 8V) – ICOM type or equivalent
    • Kenwood information over an RS232 serial interface

ED-4 is connected to the ES-4 Antenna Selector and receives power from it
There are 3 DB9F connectors, where the control cables from up to 3 radios can be connected
When the band is changed on the selected radio, the designated antenna is selected by ES-4
There are 3 LED’s, indicating which radio is selected and controls the ES-4
The Band Decoder comes with a bracket and can be attached to an existing ES-4, or can be installed independently. See the PICTURES tab for more images.

Operation Independent of ES-4

There are 3 RJ11 jacks, outputting a BCD code for each radio that has an active control signal
For example, if 3 radios are connected to an ED-4: a Yaesu, an ICOM and a Kenwood, then the 3 jacks will output BCD information according to the band:
The BCD information is copied from Yaesu to the Jack No. 1 (this is the trivial case)
The Voltage information is converted to BCD and output to the Jack No. 2
The Kenwood radio is interrogated and its band information is sent in BCD format to Jack 3

There is also a DB-15F connector. It has normally high outputs for each band, with one pin going low, according to the band selected on the active radio.

    • Band Decoder for BCD, Voltage (0-8V), Kenwood
    • Driving an ES-4 to change antenna when the band is changed
    • Converting Voltage (0-8V) or Kenwood band information to BCD
    • Active Low 1 of 10 selected band information
    • Power supply: 12V power received from the ES-4
    • User selectable Band to Antenna allocation
    • Dimensions 17x11x4 cm (6.7×4.3×1.6″)
    • Weight: 0.45 kg (1 lb)

PRICES (In Australian Dollars)
ED-4 Band Decoder:  AU$390 – Including shipping to VK

To USA (US Dollars)
ED-4 Band Decoder – Shipped:  $290